Citrus Lime Cloud POS API

You'll find comprehensive guides and documentation to help you start working with the Cloud POS platform as quickly as possible.

Citrus-Lime Api Usage Agreement

By using the API you agree to be bound by the API agreement, please review this here Api Agreement.

Current Api Agreement Version 1.4

Issued 25th April 2024

The Cloud POS Interactive API

Available to perform actions and update data within CloudPOS. View the documentation for the API, and try it out.

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The Cloud POS Data Export API

Available between 0400 and 0600 to batch export data into Business Intelligence and Reporting Platforms. View the documentation for the API.

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Cloud POS API Client NuGet Package

Provides a C# wrapper for the Cloud POS REST API. This will handle Cloud POS API rate limiting and paging (e.g. if you make a request to get a list, the API will make the required paging calls to return a complete list).

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Cloud POS Web Hooks

Available to register Web Hooks for Cloud POS events. Once a webhook is registered we will send a POST request to the address after an event occurs in Cloud POS. Currently we only support one Event Type which is Transactions.

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The Cloud MT API

The Cloud MT API is a public REST API for accessing and updating product-related information on your ecommerce store.

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