Citrus-Lime Api Agreement

Version 1.4

Date Issued 25th April 2024

This Citrus-Lime Api Agreement (“Agreement”) is a legal agreement between Citrus-Lime (Citrus-Lime Ltd, Citrus-Lime inc. & Citrus-Lime Global) (“Citrus-Lime”, “us”, or “we”) and the entity or person (“you”, “your”, or “Developer”) who uses a Cloud POS Api Key to develop an Application for Citrus-Lime customers.



“Application” means any software application, functionality, website, product, or service that you create for the purpose of extending, enhancing, customizing, or integrating with Citrus-Lime’s products, APIs, or ecosystem.

“Developer” means you, your organization, its agents, employees, consultants, and Service Providers.

“Documentation” means resources and documentation that Citrus-Lime makes available to developers through Citrus-Lime’s support pages, API documentation, and other websites.

“Covered Services” means Citrus-Lime applications and the Citrus-Lime approved applications.

“Service Provider” means an entity you use to provide services in connection with your Citrus-Lime account.

“API” means any software interface or intermediary that allows applications or software components to communicate with Citrus-Lime and defines the way in which an application will interact with other software and share data.

“Customer” means a customer of Citrus-Lime who uses any part of the Cloud POS system.



We’re pleased you’re here and we hope you create an Application that is useful & seeks to enhance efficiency.

You may not create an Application that competes with or merely replicates Citrus-Lime, or any Citrus-Lime Covered Services.

You are responsible for your use of the Citrus-Lime APIs and your application.

You agree to use appropriate security measures to protect any data you obtain from Citrus-Lime.

Citrus-Lime makes no warranties and Citrus-Lime is not liable for your use of the APIs.

Your Application must comply with the Citrus-Lime APIs Agreement, your privacy policy, and all applicable laws. Citrus-Lime may conduct an audit to ensure your Application’s ongoing compliance.



By using any Citrus-Lime API, you agree to this Agreement.

Registration is completed by sending Citrus-Lime an API Key Request Form, this will be reviewed by Citrus-Lime before your API Key will be provided.

Once your registration is complete, you are authorized to use the Citrus-Lime APIs to develop products, sites, applications, or services that are registered with us and are designed to interact with and enhance the Citrus-Lime Platform subject to the restrictions, conditions, and limitations in this Agreement.

Citrus-Lime may require you to renew your registration from time to time or to provide additional information to maintain or increase your access to the Citrus-Lime APIs. To use the Citrus-Lime APIs you must use the approved key provided by Citrus-Lime (“API Key”). You may only use a single API Key for a single Application.

We can provide a “test” API Key, this will be linked to a “demo” group but will still reside within the Citrus-Lime production environment. You must only develop and test applications against a “test” API key accessing a “demo” group.

You are solely responsible for the confidentiality of your API Key and may not share your API Key with any other developer or use it for more than one Application or service. You agree to keep your registration, site, application, or service information accurate, complete, and current for so long as you use the Citrus-Lime API. You are responsible for all use that occurs under your API Key, including any activities by you or your employees, contractors, agents, or Service Providers. If you believe an unauthorized person has gained access to your API Key we issue you, you must notify us as soon as possible.

Citrus-Lime may contact you from time to time about your use of the Citrus-Lime APIs and/or API Key, and you agree to be responsive to enquiries from Citrus-Lime.

We may restrict access to the APIs or perform an audit of your Application if you fail to provide adequate information and materials to verify your compliance with this Agreement.


Data Protection

You agree to comply with and will continue to comply with all applicable privacy and data protection laws.

For the purposes of Article 26 of the GDPR, the parties acknowledge that each party is a separate and independent controller of the personal data which it discloses or receives under this Agreement.


Once you have created an Application for a Customer if you wish to use this application to provide services to other Citrus-Lime Customers, then you must receive written permission to do so and the Application must be offered thru our ‘Cloud POS Marketplace’.

Written Permission will be provided at Citrus-Lime's discretion and maybe revoked at any time, at which point access to the API platform will be removed for your Application. See Cancelation and Termination.

Service Providers

You must ensure that any Service Provider you engage:

·        Uses data solely for you and at your direction to provide services you requested in a manner that is consistent with the terms of this Agreement, all other applicable terms and policies, your privacy policy, and for no other individual or entity and for no other purpose, including for the Service Provider’s own purposes.

·        In the event the Service Provider engages another Service Provider (“Sub-Service Provider”) to provide the services requested, requires the Sub-Service Provider to comply with the above requirements.

·        Upon our request, you must provide a list of your Service Providers and Sub-Service Providers. We may prohibit your use of any Service Provider or Sub-Service Provider in connection with your use of APIs if we believe that:

o    They have violated the terms of this Agreement or other applicable terms or policies.

o    They are negatively impacting Citrus-Lime, other Citrus-Lime products or services, or people who use Citrus-Lime products and services and will provide notice to you if we do.

o    Upon such notice, you must promptly stop using that Service Provider or Sub-Service Provider in connection with your use of data.

In general, we reserve the sole right to determine whether your use of the Citrus-Lime APIs is acceptable, and to revoke Citrus-Lime APIs access for any Application that we determine is not providing added benefit to Citrus-Lime users and/or is not in the best interests of Citrus-Lime or our users.

If you are unsure if a certain use of the Citrus-Lime APIs is permitted or if there were a use case you would like to see covered that is not currently supported by the APIs or this Agreement, please contact us at to discuss your needs.



You, and not Citrus-Lime, are responsible for providing all customer and technical support and maintenance for your Applications. Citrus-Lime has no obligation to provide any type of technical or other support for the Citrus-Lime APIs or any services or content related thereto, whether provided by Citrus-Lime, by you, or by third parties.


Platform Changes

Citrus-Lime is still evolving, and so we need the flexibility to occasionally make changes to our APIs, including backwards incompatible changes.

We will try to give notice of these changes, but you should consider viewing our changelogs for updates.

Citrus-Lime may make improvements and/or changes in the data and functionality provided by the Citrus-Lime APIs at any time without notice.

Access to and use of the Citrus-Lime APIs are currently provided at no charge. Citrus-Lime reserves the right to charge you for use of the Citrus-Lime APIs, in the future at our discretion, including, without limitation, rated pricing and/or differentiated pricing for business users. We will provide you with notice in the event we decide to start charging for use.

If you do not agree to any such charges or updates, you may discontinue use of the APIs and/or Citrus-Lime will revoke access.


No Warranty

To the maximum extent the Covered Services and content are provided “as-is” and “as-available”, with all the faults and exclusive of any warranty whatsoever whether express, implied, statutory, or otherwise. Citrus-Lime disclaims all liability for any harm or damages caused by any third-party hosting providers.

The Covered Services may contain bugs or errors. Any participation in or use of the Covered Services is at your sole risk. You acknowledge that Citrus-Lime may discontinue the Covered Services at any time in its sole discretion.


Updates to this Agreement

We reserve the right to change this Agreement at any time at our discretion. We will give you notice of the changes by posting an updated version of this Agreement. Any other changes to the Agreement will be effective 15 days after we post them or otherwise notify you of them unless we specify a different effective date when we make a particular change.

However, we may change this Agreement with effect as of the date we post the changes or otherwise notify you of them, to change existing features or add additional features to the Covered Services, or for legal, regulatory, fraud or abuse prevention, or security reasons.

You are responsible for checking for Agreement updates.

If you continue to make your Application available after the effective date of any changes, it constitutes your acceptance of the changes. If you do not agree to a change, you must discontinue use of the APIs.


Developer Code of Conduct

Citrus-Lime’s users always come first. By choosing to develop an Application with the Covered Services, you agree:

·        You will not make any misrepresentations to or mislead our users or any third-party.

·        You will avoid any conflict of interest or engage in any intentional unethical conduct.

·        You will not cause any reputational harm to Citrus-Lime.

You agree that your Application does not and will not attempt to exceed any applicable API call limits, set by Citrus-Lime in its sole discretion.


Press and Publicity

You may not issue any press release or other announcement regarding your Applications that makes any reference to Citrus-Lime or Citrus-Lime's products or services without Citrus-Lime’s prior written consent.


Cancellation and Termination

You may terminate the Agreement by discontinuing use of our APIs.

We may terminate the Agreement with or without cause, and without notice to you. Upon termination of the Agreement, all rights and licenses granted to you will terminate immediately.

Citrus-Lime may terminate your access to the Citrus-Lime APIs immediately if you do not comply with this Agreement, or you are engaged in any activity that may expose Citrus-Lime to risk or liability of any kind, or if we otherwise reasonably object to your use of the Citrus-Lime APIs.

You agree that Citrus-Lime shall not be liable to you or any third party for any costs, liabilities, losses, expenses, or damages that may result from termination of this Agreement or your access to the Citrus-Lime APIs.

Upon any termination of this Agreement, you will also inform users of your Applications that your access to the Citrus-Lime APIs, and data have been discontinued.

Nothing in this Agreement will be construed as creating a partnership or joint venture of any kind between the parties and neither party will have the authority or power to bind the other party or to contract in the name of or create a liability against the other party in any way or for any purpose.